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We think of the latest and most sophisticated means: an advanced stage of a technology

Specializing in Silk-Screen Printing, we have the ability to decorate a wide array of plastic containers by utilizing multiple screen printing heads in state-of-the-art fully automatic servo UV machine. In addition, we manufacture plastic containers ranging in size from ½ oz to 1 gallon in any shape, color, and quantity. Our ability to handle multiple large-scale projects gives us the flexibility to explore and expand the number of applications that can be successfully addressed with blow molding.

We think bolder: Complexity is not a barrier

We have an immense experience in manufacturing and can provide a level of expertise in part design and processing that can make even the most complex plastic challenges achievable. Whether your product is a simple component or a complex innovation, we can work with you in product design, product improvement, and project management to ensure that your application is cost-effective and triumphant from the beginning.

We think beyond the mold: comprehensive, customer-driven service and solutions

More than customer focused, we are beyond doubt customer driven. We encourage our customers to think of us as an extension of their own capabilities, and we provide whatever degree of service is required. From product design to process improvement, from shoot-and-ship directives to full supply chain management, we offer our customers wide-ranging services and turnkey opportunities to achieve their specific project goals. With our fiscal strength, pioneering technologies, and the experiential knowledge that comes from over Thirty years in the industry, we have the assets to ensure the success of even the most challenging plastic project. For more information about our company or to request a quote for your project, contact us.

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