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100% Recyclable

Plastic Bottles

Looking to the future

Thinking about the company's future and its growth opportunities, Precision Plastics Packaging Co.  objectively analyzes its sustainability strategy, based on three pillars:

  1. More sustainable processes and resources

  2. More sustainable products

  3. Solutions to ensure a more sustainable life for society

reducing environmental impact

  • Using renewable resources to manufacture plastic bottles

  • Raw material that we use to manufacture our plastic bottles absorbs CO2 from atmosphere and is 100% recyclable

  • Reduces carbon footprints

  • Reducing the emission of green house gases across our business

  • With innovation and sustainability, we are helping our consumer to reduce their impact on the environment

Post-Consumer recycled plastic(PCR)

  • Include plastics that have been collected in commercial and residential recycling programs

  • Complies with all applicable FDA codes as they serve cosmeceutical and food industry

  • Precision Plastics Packaging Co. manufactures PCR based plastic bottles for consumers who are committed to a vision of getting the most out of plastics

  • Reducing our reliance on petroleum-based resources

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