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Precision Plastics Packaging Co. (PPPC)

Precision Plastics Packaging Co. (PPPC) is a leading full-service manufacturer of premium, private label products. It all started in 1963 with a simple printing unit. Today, we’re a leading company whose stability, innovation and customization services attract Fortune 500 firms and Small Independent businesses alike. Our company’s location is a 120,000 square feet facility in Anaheim, California.  We employ about 150 people – many who have been with Precision Plastics Packaging Co. for more than two decades. Our technologies are intricate, but our approach to serving you is simple. We manufacture and decorate more than a million superior quality plastic containers per day. The company produces plastic bottles of various sizes and shapes through our sophisticated injection stretch blow molding and extrusion stretch blow molding machines. The firm accomplishes the printing process using an advanced hi-tech silk screen printing machine comprising of multiple print heads with a capacity of approx. a million bottles per day. Precision Plastics Packaging Co. uses “Make to Order” and “Make to Stock” production strategy to match production and inventory with consumer demand forecasts. We are proud of our excellent reputation and the standards of our company’s craftsmanship, commitment, quality, technological innovation, and inventiveness.  These have been our guiding principles for more than five decades, and that’s the primary reason of our firm’s increasing market share and customer base.


Our company has achieved precision and specialization in:

1.     Manufacturing 100% customized plastic bottles

2.    Silk-Screen Printing

3.    Hot-Stamping

4.    Label Application Process

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